Keys of Hope Security

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What we offer


We offer the following Security services under (Guarding division)

Unarmed guards -we offer well trained, qualified, uniformed Security officers

Armed guards- we deploy well trained qualified armed guards at risk areas in order to restore peace and order.

Event security- we provide tight security at gatherings such as soccer tornaments in stadiums, weddings, event cellebrations political event

Escorts of various assets/goods from one place to the other. 

We also carry out eviction orders as required by the client at various properties.

Installation of CCTV Cameras on various buildings and properties as requested by the client

Installation of Alarm systems on various buildings which alert us about unwanted intruders/tracepassers

Gate motors we install electrical gate motors as required by the client.

We provide electrical fencing to buildings and properties in order to prevent house breaking.

We also provide advanced lighting sysmem which automatical swich on if a visitor/intruder steps close to the house/building

Security service

Keys of Hope Security offer the above services to various entities such as goverment departments, Factories, Industries, Hospitals, Railway stations, assets and materials on transit, car dealerships and evections of unwanted elements in buildings. Keys of Hope Security always thrive to offer the best quality security services to its clients. All our guards are always equiped with Batton sticks, hand cuffs,pepper spray, two way radio system, panic buttons, torch, fire arms where necessary and back up patrol vehicle. Our patrol vehicles are always ready and on guard, they communicate with our control room personnel for efficiency and rapid response. We always rotate our staff to monitor client sites 24 hours. Our security supervisors provide 24 hours of patrol supervision to all our sites by observing client's procendure and requirements. Cables and booster sites are regarded as risk materials which must be monitored regularly.

What we offer


We offer the following security services under (Technical Division)